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Road Trip Essentials

Bags packed... Check!Fuel tank filled... Check!Reservations made ... Check!Memorial weekend marks the offical start of summer road trip season. Before you put the car in drive and pull out of the driveway, make sure you pack some of these road trip essentials!  TUMMY RUB - This essential oil blend combats motion sickness so effectively! Simply opening the bottle and smelling this essential oil blend can soothe a queasy stomach. Tummy rub also comes in handy when road food causes digestive upset. Rub a few drops on the stomach or place 1-2 drops on the tongue for relief.  CUTS & BRUISES - Cuts & Bruises essential oil blend is a must-have for road trip first aid, bug bites, and sunburns. Keep a bottle...

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Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief

Being in the high desert can be frustrating to the gardener in us, but the benefit of living in a climate that is inhospitable to most plants is that air pollen tend to stay at a reasonably low number. However, fall in Southern Utah means that the Rabbit Brush is in full bloom, and it is EVERYWHERE. This cheerful, yellow, flowering bush brings allergy misery to many of us well into the winter months. Here are our favorite natural solutions to seasonal allergies- regardless of the season you find yourself sneezing in!   1) Wash the pollen away Sometimes, relief is as simple as showering in the evening instead of the morning- washing the pollen out of your hair and eyelashes before bed prevents...

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Spring Cleansing

Spring is approaching and the longer days are warming the air. Little tulips and crocuses are poking their sweet noses out of the soft, moist earth, and we here at Nature Works are beginning to get excited about GARDENING!  Unfortunately, we also know how unpredictable spring can be in our high desert climate, so to avoid rushing our plants and watching them freeze to death in a few weeks, we busy ourselves with things like spring cleaning -- of not just the house, but also the mind and the body!  What does “spring cleaning of the mind” look like to you? For some, it may be doing a clean sweep of your facebook friends, and letting go of people who...

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