Spring Cleansing

Spring is approaching and the longer days are warming the air. Little tulips and crocuses are poking their sweet noses out of the soft, moist earth, and we here at Nature Works are beginning to get excited about GARDENING! 

Unfortunately, we also know how unpredictable spring can be in our high desert climate, so to avoid rushing our plants and watching them freeze to death in a few weeks, we busy ourselves with things like spring cleaning -- of not just the house, but also the mind and the body! 

What does “spring cleaning of the mind” look like to you? For some, it may be doing a clean sweep of your facebook friends, and letting go of people who are negative or whose presence in your feed doesn’t seem to be beneficial to either of you. For others, perhaps contacting a life coach or good friend to set some goals or work on releasing negative thought patterns is helpful.

As far as cleansing the body goes; there are plenty of cleanses out there, some more intense than others. In this post, we’ll go over a few simple options that may help your body eliminate some of the toxins that were accumulated during the sedentary and calorie-filled winter months.


Did you know that many the first foods of the spring season are natural cleansers? Here are a few wonderful spring foods and their benefits:

Asparagus - Supports and naturally cleanses the kidneys (which could be the reason why it makes your urine smell funky!)

Rhubarb- Eating large doses of rhubarb can cause diarrhea, so rhubarb is commonly used as a mild intestinal cleanser (Rhubarb leaves are toxic, so only eat the stalks!)

Watercress-Traditionally used as a blood cleansing and anti-inflammatory herb, watercress tastes delicious in a salad!

Dandelion Greens- Did you know that dandelion greens are considered to be a gentle liver cleanser? As long as you haven’t sprayed your lawn, harvesting these early spring greens can make a delicious and nutritive addition to your salad!


There are so many known benefits to fasting, and juicing is a great way to fast while still providing incredible amounts of vitamins, minerals and enzymes for your body. You could choose to juice for one day, one week, one meal per day… whatever works best for your lifestyle!


Our Colon Cleanse has been formulated as a mild intestinal cleanser, using herbs that are known to kill parasites and candida yeast, as well as dissolve mucous buildup in the colon.


The human liver has over 500 functions, including filtering the blood and metabolizing toxins. Our Liver Cleanse has been formulated with herbs that are known to stimulate liver function and encourage detoxification.


Parasites can cause great damage to the human body, weakening the immune system and causing disease. Our Parasite Cleanse formula was created to rid the body of these unwanted “hitchhikers” in easy-to-use liquid or capsulated form.

If you aren't sure which cleanse is right for you, give us a call at (435) 586-2049. We'd be happy to help you decide on a way to detoxify your body and create optimal health!

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