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Return Policy

Returns And Exchanges

Vickie Sorensen's NATURE WORKS proudly complies with the cGMP return policy standards. Please adhere to the following guidelines when requesting a return:

  •  Returns are accepted for phone orders that were incorrectly keyed or any order that has been incorrectly packed.
  •  We do not take returns for unwanted/ overstocked products even if they are unopened.
  •  We guarantee our products for at least 90 days or for as long as the bottle should last. We do not allow returns/ replacements to be sent if the expiration is outside of this 90-day guarantee.
  •  Refunds for shipping will not be given for shipments that are delayed due to weather.
  •  No returns made or replacements sent for an order for which we were provided an incorrect address.
  •  All claims of damage or shortage must be made within 3 business days of receipt of goods.
  •  Special order items are not eligible for return credit.
  •  All returns may be subject to a handling fee. Authorized returns must be received within 14 days of authorization.
  •  To initiate the return process, you must call (435) 586-2049 for a return authorization.