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Road Trip Essentials

Bags packed... Check!
Fuel tank filled... Check!
Reservations made ... Check!

Memorial weekend marks the offical start of summer road trip season. Before you put the car in drive and pull out of the driveway, make sure you pack some of these road trip essentials! 

This essential oil blend combats motion sickness so effectively! Simply opening the bottle and smelling this essential oil blend can soothe a queasy stomach. Tummy rub also comes in handy when road food causes digestive upset. Rub a few drops on the stomach or place 1-2 drops on the tongue for relief. 

Cuts & Bruises essential oil blend is a must-have for road trip first aid, bug bites, and sunburns. Keep a bottle on hand and apply topically as needed to soothe these common vacation spoilers. 

Use refreshing essential oil blends like Atmosphere, Mountain Retreat, Citrivescents or Joy of Living in place of toxic, chemical-laden air fresheners! Place a few drops in a travel diffuser to promote a serene, peaceful environment in your car while also keeping odors away! Don't have a travel diffuser? Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil blend on a cotton ball, and use a clothespin to attach it to your air vent! Avoid using calming oils such as Lavender or Chamomile while driving.

These awesome essential oil blends should help make any road trip an enjoyable and comfortable experience! Safe travels! 

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  • Demetria Forkel

    Love this. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to order. I use essential oils frequently. I have used your supplements and tinctures in the past and they are wonderful.

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