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Remedies for the nursery

When I get a call that someone's child is sick, the remedies that I recommend to start with are pretty standard. Most of the glycerin extractions in my line were formulated when my own children were babies themselves and I needed to treat them for coughs, runny noses, colic, or diarrhea. A few years ago, I created a "cheat cheat" that I give to my midwifery clients when their baby is born, and I'd love to share it with you here! I hope that this remedy chart helps you when you're up at 3 AM with an uncomfortable, fussy baby and you're not sure what to do!  Problem Herbal Formula Suggestion Essential Oil Suggestion Homeopathic Suggestion Alternative Therapy Colds Propolis...

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What to expect during a holistic health consultation

Many more years ago than I'd care to admit, when I was a young mother studying herbology, I had a consultation with a woman who practiced Iridology and Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing). I was fascinated with how easily and accurately she recognized my health issues, and it was at that point that my journey towards finding and developing my own gift for health consulting began. I have since studied many different modalities of identifying disease in the body, such as Iridology, Chinese face mapping, or Ayurveda tongue reading. These ancient tools, along with muscle testing and what I believe to be a gift from the spirit for visualizing energies are what I use to help my clients achieve optimal health. Some might...

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Spring Cleansing

Spring is approaching and the longer days are warming the air. Little tulips and crocuses are poking their sweet noses out of the soft, moist earth, and we here at Nature Works are beginning to get excited about GARDENING!  Unfortunately, we also know how unpredictable spring can be in our high desert climate, so to avoid rushing our plants and watching them freeze to death in a few weeks, we busy ourselves with things like spring cleaning -- of not just the house, but also the mind and the body!  What does “spring cleaning of the mind” look like to you? For some, it may be doing a clean sweep of your facebook friends, and letting go of people who...

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Start at the very beginning: all about Vitamin A (plus a delicious recipe!)

Did you know that Vitamin A isn't just one singular substance or vitamin? "Vitamin A" is actually a blanket term for a powerhouse of nutritional compounds called retinoids that strengthen and support the respiratory system, skin, eyes, digestive system and mucous membranes. Here is a quick rundown on some of the many amazing benefits of Vitamin A: IMMUNE SYSTEM  Throughout the body, but particularly in our digestive tract, vitamin A plays a key role in support of immune and inflammatory functions. Recent Research shows that Vitamin A is a significant factor in making and releasing antibodies, as well as supporting the "braking" function that prevents them overreacting. Immune system responses can not be effectively activated without participation of vitamin A. On the other hand, vitamin A may...

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Staying Healthy through Cold and Flu Season

Here we find ourselves again, knocking on winter's door and entering what some refer to as "cold and flu season". Most of us in the alternative healthcare world have a common philosophy about how the rest of the world views the winter months, and that is (in a nutshell):   So- let's crack open that nutshell and learn more about what we can do to keep our families and ourselves healthy through the winter! The first thing you need to know is that maintaining a healthy immune system is the key to protecting your body against most diseases. Our immune systems work hard every day to kill any foreign invaders that may cause illness. If the immune system is over stressed or under supported, it...

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