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Achieving Radiant Skin Naturally: Holistic Acne Treatment

Most alternative medicine practitioners believe that skin is a reflection of one's overall health, and as a holistic health consultant, I have generally found this to be true. While there may be other contributing factors such as genetics, changing hormone levels, lack of sleep and stress, most cases of acne (especially in teenagers and young adults) can be controlled with proper diet and supplementation. Read on to discover which nutrients and lifestyle adjustments will transform your complexion into a radiant canvas that glows from within.  Dietary ChangesWe've all heard the saying "you are what you eat", and when you're trying to improve your skin health, dietary changes can make a difference. When high-glycemic index foods are eliminated from the diet, the impact on skin health is significant and swift. The link between dairy...

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Pumpkin Spice Herbs

Fall is just around the corner, but September first marks the beginning of pumpkin spice season for most Americans. There are the usual suspects of lattes, candles, and lotions - but these days, the list continues to expand, including things like M&Ms, chips, even pumpkin spice flavored sausage! Starbucks' signature latte was first introduced in 2003. It very quickly became their most popular seasonal beverage, and exploded into the modern craze that exists today, but pumpkin spice has been around for a lot longer than the last fifteen years.I'm sure it's not shocking to learn that while pumpkin spice may taste like a delicious homemade pumpkin pie, most products on the market have no pumpkin in them. Instead, they contain the spices that are traditionally associated...

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Treating ear infections naturally

Very few things make a parent feel as helpless as their child suffering from an ear infection. Losing sleep and knowing that your child is in severe pain or running a fever can be agonizing, but you don't have to feel helpless! These holistic remedies may help reduce recovery time and make your little sweetheart more comfortable in the meantime

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Welcome Fall!

On this first day of Autumn, there is a noticeable crisp in the air here in Southern Utah. The leaves are changing, the mums are blooming, and our flip-flops have been packed away for next summer.  Fall brings with it many different health challenges- lack of Vitamin D and increased sugar intake weakens the immune system, making your body more susceptible to disease, and those who are sensitive to weather changes may notice joint pain or discomfort. To remedy these issues, make sure you're supplementing with Vitamin D and taking a joint support supplement such as Turmeric & Bromelain or Muscle & Joint.  To celebrate the first day of fall, make yourself a pumpkin pie smoothie! If you remember from our previous...

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Start at the very beginning: all about Vitamin A (plus a delicious recipe!)

Did you know that Vitamin A isn't just one singular substance or vitamin? "Vitamin A" is actually a blanket term for a powerhouse of nutritional compounds called retinoids that strengthen and support the respiratory system, skin, eyes, digestive system and mucous membranes. Here is a quick rundown on some of the many amazing benefits of Vitamin A: IMMUNE SYSTEM  Throughout the body, but particularly in our digestive tract, vitamin A plays a key role in support of immune and inflammatory functions. Recent Research shows that Vitamin A is a significant factor in making and releasing antibodies, as well as supporting the "braking" function that prevents them overreacting. Immune system responses can not be effectively activated without participation of vitamin A. On the other hand, vitamin A may...

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