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Wet Sock Treatment

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that we've officially lost our marbles and there is no way that this is a real treatment. I thought the same thing when I first heard of wet sock treatment, and I was actually quite resistant to even try it. But one night I was desperate for something to make a difference when my kid was fevering, and I was amazed at the results!  How could something so simple possibly make such a difference? Well, the simple explanation is that your body reacts to the cold socks by increasing blood circulation, which stimulates the immune system. It also reflexively decreases congestion and pain in the upper respiratory passages, head, and throat as it draws circulation toward the feet.  Wet sock...

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Herbal Education: Licorice Root

Halloween is coming, and with all the types of candy that are consumed during its observance, few are as polarizing and controversial as classic black licorice. Most people have a very strong opinion about licorice, they either love it or hate it! Nowadays, that familiar licorice flavor is usually replicated by the similarly flavored anise seed or artificial flavorings, but you can still get genuine licorice candy — you just have to be a label reader! Let's learn more about the healing properties of Licorice herb, what you learn may change your opinion about this traditional treat! Licorice root has long been used as a flavoring and sweetener in candies and beverages, and its historical herbal use dates back centuries. The root of the licorice plant, Glycyrrhiza...

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