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Health resolutions you can KEEP!

The new year is here, which means most of us are making a list of resolutions. Unfortunately, studies show that most New Year's resolutions only last about three weeks before we settle back into our old habits. There are many reasons people don't stick to their resolutions, from setting too many of them to getting discouraged by small failures. When it comes to health goals in particular, setting overly ambitious and restrictive goals is one major cause of failure. Don't worry, it's not all bad news! Small, incremental lifestyle changes can be the difference between success and failure. Committing to moderate, realistic goals and making small changes every day will set you on the path to better health! Here are some great, attainable goals you...

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Bright and Shiny!

Some of you may remember a few years ago when our Bio Defense got a pretty new label. We just couldn't wait to get that lovely, shiny, waterproof label on all of our products. But, as life goes... sometimes things don't exactly work out in our preferred timing. So, we stuck a pin in our dream and this week, after many months of learning (sometimes the hard way) all about labels, printers, ink rolls and software.... We have new labels!   Our new labels now have FDA-compliant supplements facts, are waterproof, and we think they look LOVELY! Ever since we started printing labels, I've had the "Bright and Shiny" song from the 90's film "Bubble Boy" stuck in my head. I...

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