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Health resolutions you can KEEP!

The new year is here, which means most of us are making a list of resolutions.

Unfortunately, studies show that most New Year's resolutions only last about three weeks before we settle back into our old habits. There are many reasons people don't stick to their resolutions, from setting too many of them to getting discouraged by small failures. When it comes to health goals in particular, setting overly ambitious and restrictive goals is one major cause of failure.

Don't worry, it's not all bad news! Small, incremental lifestyle changes can be the difference between success and failure. Committing to moderate, realistic goals and making small changes every day will set you on the path to better health! Here are some great, attainable goals you can stick with all year long!

Drink more water
Commit to drinking a minimum of 2 quarts of water per day. Find a 32 oz refill mug or dig a mason jar out of your cabinet and make sure you drink two per day. Drinking water is so essential to good health, and it is such an easy change to make! 

Eat fresh fruit every day
Everyone has heard the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Fresh produce contains loads of bio-available vitamins and minerals that support a healthy body. I am often shocked at the amount of people I test who haven't eaten a fresh piece of fruit in MONTHS. So fill up your fruit bowl (bonus points for Organic or local produce) and start snacking!

Take your Vitamins daily
Love your body with a good quality food-based multivitamin every day. This task is often so simple, that it gets put off until later or forgotten completely. Get a pill separator, set an alarm on your phone, or have an accountability partner such as a friend, spouse, or child who will remind you... just do it!

Move your body daily
You don't have to join a gym or start a strenuous crossfit regimen to improve your health. Take your children for a walk around the neighborhood, do a simple morning stretching routine, or replace your office chair with a yoga ball.

Start healthier sleep habits
Your body needs rest in order to perform at it's best each day. Healthy sleep begins in the morning, start by reducing your caffeine intake. If you feel like you need a boost, try a good B vitamin to boost your energy. Turn off all electronics an hour before bedtime (reading or journaling is a good way to wind down for the evening) and try to stick to a regular bedtime. 

Start a gratitude journal
Every evening, find something specific that you are grateful for from that day. Write it down in a notebook you keep by your bed or even in the notepad on your phone. Grateful people, even in difficult circumstances, tend to be happier and healthier than those who live in a more negative state of mind.

Love yourself
Be loving and positive when you talk about your body. Give yourself grace as you work on your resolutions. Allow yourself permission to have the occasional setback (this will prevent burnout and discouragement over little mistakes). Most of all, remember that EVERY day is a new day and a new opportunity for change and growth! 

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