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Healthy Summer Bucket List

Summer is officially underway, and the long, hot days bring many opportunities for improving your health that simply aren't available in the dreary cold of winter. Try adding these activities to your summer bucket list, and watch how your vitality improves! 


Growing your own produce is a great way to get your family connected to their food in a way that simply cannot be replicated in a grocery store. Watching little zucchini, bell peppers or tomatoes grow from blossoms to ripened fruit is magical, and when your produce is home grown you know that it is picked at the peak of ripeness when the food is simply bursting with beneficial vitamins and enzymes. Also, the microbes found in soil have been found to elevate your mood! If you don't have the space or time to grow a garden, make regular visits to your local farmer's market for delicious, fresh produce! 


Sometimes the heat makes us retreat to the cool of an air-conditioned house. But getting outside in the sun and fresh air does so much for your body! The benefits of Vitamin D are vast, and Vitamin D deficiency is actually a very common health concern that contributes to depression, weakened immune system and osteoporosis. Of course, too much sun can be detrimental as well, so make sure you take precautions to prevent overexposure. 

Chronic stress is hard on your health, body and brain! Summer activities can be a double-edged sword, especially for those with children. While being active and having fun as a family is important, so is making the time for yourself. Don't run yourself ragged! 

We hope you have a happy and healthy Summer! Join us on Facebook to share your summer bucket list! 

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