Product Spotlight: FLU BUSTER

February 12, 2018 Vickie Sorensen

This year's flu season is all over the news, with more people visiting the hospital with the flu or flu-like symptoms than in nearly a decade. You can try to keep your immune system in great shape by eating right, staying active, and taking your vitamins every day. But if you do end up with a cold or the flu, our FLU BUSTER formula was created to help! 

Let's dive in and get to know this formula and why it works so well to fight cold and flu symptoms!

    The first ingredient in this formula is a plant native to the northern hemisphere that grows freely just about anywhere- some might even call it a weed. Yarrow is a powerful fever reducer that works by relaxing the circulation and pores of the skin, allowing trapped heat to release, breaking the fever. Yarrow is known as a blood cleanser as well, helping to move foreign invaders (such as viruses and bacteria) from the bloodstream, and it is often used as a topical treatment for wounds. Myth tells us that yarrow was given to Achilles by the centaur Chiron so he could use it to heal wounds on the battlefield and its Latin name, Achillea millefollium, still reflects this myth.

    A familiar flavoring for gum, toothpaste, and candies, Peppermint is most commonly used as a digestive aid. Peppermint also contains aromatic compounds that reduce pain, promote sweating and are antiseptic. It also contains astringent compounds which shrink inflamed tissues. Peppermint creates a cooling effect in the body, whether applied externally or taken internally. Peppermint also makes other herbs or supplements taken at the same time more effective. 

    Peppermint essential oil is a great natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Try rubbing some on your neck the next time you have a headache!

    Elderberry has a long history of being used in treating colds and flu. Two independent clinical trials demonstrated that a syrup made from elderberry extract was effective in treating influenza A and B virus infection. Both studies showed that patients diagnosed with influenza and receiving an elderberry syrup treatment had significantly shorter duration of flu‐like symptoms. Elderberry is an excellent all-around immune system stimulant and a powerful addition to our flu buster formula. 

 We love this formula, it should be a staple in every home at this time of year! 

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