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New Year, New You!

The ball has dropped, the Christmas decorations have been put away, and if you're anything like most Americans, you've set some resolutions to work on this year. Whether your resolution is to lose weight, become more active, get organized, or finally give up a vice- we've got the tools you need to support you in your journey to self-improvement! 

Weight Loss

Let's be honest, most resolutions revolve around weight loss, eating healthier, or being more active. If improving your health is one of your goals, we would love to help you achieve that goal! Check out these customer favorites.

  • Slim & Trim - Designed to boost metabolism and break down excess fat, this formula is helpful when paired with diet changes and exercise.
  • Psyllium & Bentonite - This is a popular detox cleanse that may help jump start weight loss in those who have reached a plateau.
  • Muscle & Joint - This formula was designed to prevent that post-workout soreness that may prevent you from hitting the gym tomorrow.
  • Muscle Relief - An essential oil blend that works well in conjunction with Muscle & joint to keep you from getting too sore to workout!

Getting Organized

No, we're not professional organizers, but these products may help you find the mental clarity and energy required to finally tackle that organization project or declutter campaign.

  • Memory Ease - This customer favorite is great for helping improve focus and memory. 
  • Energy Boost - A great formula to help sustain your energy as you tackle a big project.
  • Focus - An essential oil blend designed to help improve cognitive function and boost memory.

Healthier Living

Whether your goal is to Quit Smoking, eat more veggies, or simply take better care of your body, consider these great products.

  • Adrenal Complex - Designed to support your adrenal glands, this formula is incredible at boosting energy and focus while also helping your body and brain better cope with stress and reduce cravings.
  • Immune Multi - Our food-based multivitamin can't be beat! It's a great foundation to any healthy lifestyle. 
  • Green Vitality - We call this our "greens in a bottle". Many customers keep this on hand to take on days when they just get too busy for healthy eating.
  • Ageless - This floral essential oil blend was created to help calm nerves, boost skin elasticity, and prevent the signs of aging. 

If you're looking for something to help support you in your New Year's Goals, but aren't sure where to start, a Holistic Health Consultation can be a great way to discover the path to your best health! Give us a call at (435) 586-4854 to schedule your appointment today!

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