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School season is officially upon us, and parents everywhere are checking their lists to make sure their child is going to school well-equipped for learning and having fun with their peers. As you were preparing your children for the next nine months of education, did you also prepare them for the bugs, bacteria and viruses that love the close quarters of buses and classrooms? 

Here are this mom's back-to-school health essentials!

  • BIO DEFENSE- I really could not live without this fantastic formula. Whenever someone in our family starts coming down with anything from the sniffles to a fever, they know that the first thing to do is grab this formula out of the cabinet! For my younger child who cannot swallow capsules yet, I keep Bio Defense's "child-friendly" doppelganger, PROPOLIS PLUS in the fridge at all times. 
  • VITAMIN D- Along with Bio Defense, we bolster our immune systems with extra vitamin D when anyone starts to feel ill. 
  • TEA TREE OIL- Nobody likes lice, and last year it went around my kids' school several times! Thankfully, I am hyper vigilant and brush their hair with a louse comb a couple times a month just to make sure they haven't picked anything up... but I also put tea tree oil in their shampoo bottle to repel lice before they can make a cozy home on my daughters' heads. 
  • BREATHE EASY- I love this formula! It works very well in conjunction with the Bio Defense to stop coughs, sniffles, boogie noses, and bronchial inflammation right in their tracks! I also have ALLERGY AND LUNG in the fridge for my younger children.
  • EMERGEN-C- Vitamin C has so many immune-boosting properties, and I love that this product is Vitamin C as mineral ascorbates- which is a fancy way of saying that it absorbs better and doesn't raise your body's PH as much as other forms of vitamin C. 

I often get asked what my children take on a regular basis, so I wrote a separate blog post about that. You can find it HERE. 

Here's to a healthy, happy school year!

Back to school children

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