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What to expect during a holistic health consultation

Many more years ago than I'd care to admit, when I was a young mother studying herbology, I had a consultation with a woman who practiced Iridology and Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing). I was fascinated with how easily and accurately she recognized my health issues, and it was at that point that my journey towards finding and developing my own gift for health consulting began. I have since studied many different modalities of identifying disease in the body, such as Iridology, Chinese face mapping, or Ayurveda tongue reading. These ancient tools, along with muscle testing and what I believe to be a gift from the spirit for visualizing energies are what I use to help my clients achieve optimal health. Some might call me a medical intuitive, my Son-in-law calls me hippy-woo-woo, I prefer the term "holistic health consultant".
I combine these identifying tools with my extensive knowledge of herbal and nutritional therapies and holistic remedies, to discover what it is that is bringing the body out of balance, and what it needs to bring it back into balance. I then put together an individualized program that may include bodywork, diet changes, herbal or nutritional therapies, exercises, emotional work, or essential oils to help you acheive optimal health.
As Einstein explained, everything is energy. Everything, including our body, is composed of molecules vibrating at varying rates or frequencies. When energy is exposed to other energy it responds. This response creates reactions in our body, and that reaction is what my muscle testing picks up on. Because the work I do is energy based, I can also do consultations via phone or by proxy. 
What do I do during a consultation? I use a unique form of muscle testing that doesn't require resistance on the part of the person that I am testing. Because I test so many different organs and systems, if I were to use someone's arm or fingers for such lengthy testing, the muscles would quickly fatigue, and accuracy would wane. To learn more about the specific type of muscle testing that I use, you can get the book "Bio Kinetic Testing for Health" HEREMuscle testing
Have you ever wanted to muscle test yourself, or someone you love? There are many different ways to muscle test, and developing the sensitivity to listen to and trust your intuition as you test is certainly something that gets better with time. A simple way to test yourself is the "sway test"
Pick up a supplement or food that you would like to test yourself for. Standing still, hold it against your chest. Ask yourself, "should I take this supplement/eat this food?". Pay close attention. If your body sways/leans forward, the answer is yes. If you sway/lean back, the answer is no. 
I love helping my friends and clients discover their path to optimal health! If you have questions about your health, give me a call at (435) 586-4854 to schedule an appointment today!

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