Blood Defense

Blood Defense

Formulated to help cleanse enviromental toxins out of the blood, may also stimulate the immune system, using herbs that cleanse, detoxify, build and heal.

Caution: Do not use in conjunction with immuno-suppressive therapy or blood thinners. 

The following is a list of herbs contained in our BLOOD DEFENSE formula:

Echinacea purpurea root, Red Clover flower, Plantain leaf, Chaparral leaf, Sage Brush leaf, Blue Flag flower, Pau D’ Arco bark, Oak Bark, Dandelion root, Burdoc root, Sheep Sorrel leaf, Cascara Sagrad bark, Turkey Rhubarb root, Black Walnut hull, Clove bud, Blue Violet leaf, Yellow Dock root, Aloe leaf, Celandine leaf, Calendula flower, Poke Root, Buckthorn bark, Oregon Grape root, Sassafras bark, Sarsaparilla root.

Recommend: 2 caps 3 times day.

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