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5 Week Formula

5 Week Formula

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Our 5 WEEK FORMULA was formulated by midwife and master herbalist Vickie Sorensen to aid in nutritionally supporting the vaginal and pelvic areas, relieve some of the minor discomforts of late pregnancy and help prepare the body for delivery, breastfeeding and postpartum healing.

Only available in 4 oz size.

The following is a list of ingredients in our 5 WEEK FORMULA formula:

Vegetable glycerin, water, red raspberry leaf, partridge berry, spikenard leaf, blue cohosh root, mother wort leaf , wild yam root, peach leaves, ginger root, blessed thistle leaf, bayberry fruit, false unicorn root and Indian tobacco leaf.

Recommend: During the last five weeks of pregnancy 1st week 1/2 dropper a day, 2nd week 3/4 dropper a day, 3rd week to end of pregnancy 1 dropper a day 2 times per day.