Travel essentials: Seven things to bring on every trip

Every summer, families all over the country embark on pilgrimages of some kind. Some retreat to the mountains for camping, some go to the beach, some drive to family reunions or amusement parks and others plan a getaway to Vegas. Wherever you're traveling this summer, here are some essentials you probably ought to pack in your bag along with your sunglasses and Bug Spray.

1- Enzymes
If you're anything like me, road food can make for a really uncomfortable trip. Whether you're sensitive to gluten, dairy, or food additives, grabbing drive-through food can end up causing stomach aches, diarrhea, constipation, or gas. Taking a few digestive enzymes right before placing your order can help prevent these symptoms from making your trip miserable.

2- Tummy Rub
Motion sickness? Digestive upset from fast food? Food-borne illness? None of these are a match for Tummy Rub. I never travel without it. Simply smelling this essential oil blend or applying to area of discomfort can create immediate relief.

3- Relax Ease
Even if you love it, traveling is stressful. Whether you're standing in airport security lines or driving to your favorite destination with a car full of kids, Relax Ease can help you keep your cool when your vacation plans aren't going as smoothly as you'd like.  

4- Magnesium
In addition to helping with stress relief, magnesium is a great way to combat traveler's constipation and alleviate muscle cramps or restless legs. 

5- Muscle relief
Whether you've been walking around an amusement park, hiking your favorite trails all day, or just sore from sitting in a car for too long, this essential oil blend is marvelous for relieving muscle pain. (Bonus: it also works well for stomach pain or headaches!)

6- Ginger Root
Another digestion aid, ginger is effective for preventing or alleviating motion sickness from travel, seasickness or roller coaster rides, as well as creating relief from symptoms of food poisoning. 

7- Rescue Remedy
Rescue remedy is a homeopathic remedy for stress and shock. I use it to stop temper tantrums in their tracks, to help myself cope with the stress of traveling with children, to help with muscle soreness after a big day of hiking, and in case of emergency- it is in my first aid kit to treat shock in case we ever come across or are involved in an accident.

So there you have it, my list of travel essentials! Whether I'm flying or driving, I bring these supplements with me to make my travel a little more comfortable. As an added travel hack: I will usually take just a handful of each capsulated product and store them in a pill organizer, labeled to know which is which to save on space!

What are your travel essentials? Let us know in the comments!

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