Product Spotlight: Spice Traders

Cooler weather is coming, and here at Nature Works, our favorite cool-weather essential oil blend is Spice Traders! The oils contained in Spice Traders have been tested and proven to kill bacteria and fight the flu virus, plus is smells like wintery comfort in a bottle.


Here are some ways you can use the Spice Traders blend in your house!
  • Tooth care: Add a drop of Spice Traders to your toothbrush. To treat toothaches, put a few drops of Spice Traders on a cotton ball and nestle between the hurting tooth and the gums. 
  • Household cleaner: Put 10-15 drops of Spice Traders in 8 oz of distilled water, shake, and clean away!
  • Treating illness: Rub a few drops of Spice Traders blended with a carrier oil on the chest, feet, or spine of sick family members. You can also place 2-5 drops in a tub of warm water and soak for 20 minutes. 
  • Wash those germs away: Mix 1/3 cup Liquid castile soap, 2/3 cup filtered water, and 1/8 tsp Spice Traders. Pour into an old foaming soap dispenser (or purchase a mason Jar foaming dispenser HERE), and scrub those nasty germs away!
  • Refresh school or gym bags: Using the same ratio listed above for household cleaner, spray your kids' backpacks, gym bags, and bedding to kill germs and make everything smell nice! 
  • Create fresh-smelling home: Instead of using toxic air fresheners or plug-ins, place some beeswax beads in a wax warmer with a few drops of Spice Traders, or place a pan of water on your stove with 15 drops spice traders in it, and let it simmer. 

What other ways have you used Spice Traders in your home?

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