Holistic Wisdom Teeth Recovery

Having your wisdom teeth removed is practically a rite of passage for most teenagers (and their parents). Last year my oldest had his teeth removed, and last week my second child had her turn in the oral surgeon's chair.

I shared a small snippet of the recovery protocol we followed in our weekly newsletter, and I had so many clients call for more information that I thought I'd write it up in a blog post for our readers!

**This protocol works well for most surgeries and dental procedures, in case you were wondering!**

Before the procedure

As a preventative measure before the procedure, I made sure my child's immune system was working at peak performance. This means that for the week leading up to the procedure, she was taking Bio Defense, Vitamin D and Emergen-C to boost immune system function. We ate fresh fruits and veggies, made sure that bedtime was strictly enforced, and she drank plenty of water. 

The day of the procedure

When we got home from the procedure, we immediately started administering homeopathic Arnica and Hypericum every hour to reduce swelling and accelerate healing.
We kept frozen peas (perfect-sized homemade ice packs) on my sweet kiddo's cheeks, applied for twenty minutes every couple of hours. I believe this made a huge difference in her recovery, swelling, and overall comfort level. 
The evening of the procedure, we had curried sweet potato soup for dinner (recipe here). The turmeric in the curry powder is a mild anti-inflammatory and this particular recipe is a family-favorite at our house!
We administered Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen as recommended every six hours for the first few days. By staying on top of the ice, homeopathics, and OTC pain relievers we never even needed to fill the prescription we were offered for opiate pain medication!


We continued the homeopathics, pain relievers and ice religiously for three days. After that, we slowly lengthened the time between doses until she didn't need them anymore. 
After a few days she started taking BF&C and Bio Defense twice a day to accelerate healing, prevent infection and support her liver and kidneys in recovering from the greater-than-normal amounts of pain relievers she took for five days. 
Today she is two weeks post-surgery and feeling like a rockstar!


Have you used our surgery protocol with success? Leave us a comment below and share this article with your friends! 

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