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Herbal Education: Onion Poultice

We are excited to launch the first in a series of holistic remedy educational videos; Onion Poultice! 

Onion poultices are very effective in treating croup and chest colds in babies and small children. It is also very effective for treating a spasmodic cough and pneumonia in adults. 
Onions have anti-bacterial properties, and the sulfur in onions is very effective at cutting through and drying up mucous, relieving bronchial tightness, and boosting the immune system. 

I have used Onion Poultices for my children and grandchildren for decades, and have found no need to have cough syrup in my cabinet because onions are so effective. 

from my home to yours, sending healthy winter wishes! 

- Vickie

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  • Audy

    We don’t use microwaves as it kills healing properties in food. We instead cut up and fry till they are soft. Then put on chest with Saran Wrap to hold in the moisture (depends on age). I have also cut an onion in half and put in oven till soft. Then place on chest when cooler. Heating pad goes on top of either poultice.

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