Earth day

Today is earth day! What exactly does that mean? Earth day is celebrated worldwide on April 22nd every year and was created to raise public awareness about pollution and encourage environmentalism. Earth day provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon our environmental impact, and to make adjustments as needed to become better stewards of our planet. 

Here are some simple ways that you can make a difference!

Go Organic
Purchasing organic produce or growing your own organic garden not only makes a difference in your health, it makes a difference to our planet! Every time you choose to purchase organic products, you are investing in our planet, and your own health.

Green your home
Unplug your appliances when they're not in use, buy appliances with a good energy rating, insulate your roof or ceiling, draught-proof your doors and windows, install CFL or LED lighting, and consider installing solar! Each of these changes can not only positively impact your energy output, but your wallet as well!

Conserve water
Use water efficient shower heads, toilets and appliances and if possible, collect rainwater to water your garden. There is mounting concern about the presence of traces of pharmaceuticals in streams and rivers. American drug consumption has increased rapidly in recent years, and the chemicals in these drugs end up in waterways after being excreted from the body. Pharmaceuticals in our waterways can affect our clean water supplies as well as river wildlife. Using natural, herbal products as a first line of defense against disease whenever possible can help keep our water sources cleaner and free from potentially harmful contaminants.

Green your travel
Even if you have a fuel efficient vehicle, try using public transportation, rideshares, carpools, bicycles or walking whenever possible. If you live in a rural area that doesn't provide the opportunity to do these things, you can still make a difference by combining your trips to reduce your overall emissions. 

Reduce, Reuse Recycle
We've all heard this since we were in elementary school!
REDUCE: try to avoid using unnecessary single-use items, such as drinking straws, excessive plastic packaging, plastic water bottles, etc... When possible, purchase items that are made with already recycled materials.  
REUSE: Make sure that you are getting as much use as possible out of your items! Use a refillable cup for your hot or cold beverages, find practical uses for items that you would normally dispose of, try to repair household items whenever possible instead of replacing them, and donate used items that are still in good condition to local consignment or thrift stores! 

Shop wisely
Speaking of consignment and thrift stores, these are excellent ways to shop wisely! You can also shop wisely by bringing your own reusable shopping bags, and choosing to purchase less items that are packaged in plastic. 

Every small change can make a difference! Happy Earth Day!

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