13 wellness gift ideas

It's that magical time of year, when we gather together with friends and family, to give and receive gifts and celebrate the season with those we love. After the past few years, health is at the top of everyone's wish list, or at least at the forefront of their minds. Giving someone a gift that will help them prioritize their well-being lets them know that you care. And since wellness can take so many forms, there’s no shortage of gifts out there to give to the people on your list who love to (or need to) to invest in self-care.

As an added bonus, most of these gifts can be locally sourced, creating a smaller environmental impact and supporting small businesses in your own community!

Here are our top suggestions for healthy gift ideas:

A new yoga mat or weights set: Help your loved ones round out their home-gym setup with items that they can use to create or maintain healthy daily movement habits.  
A fruit basket or edible arrangement: Everyone loves a beautiful arrangement of fruit, and with all the sweet treats that the holidays bring, a healthy snack is always a welcome change.
A gift certificate for a massage, chiropractic adjustment, holistic health consultation or reflexology appointment: Everyone loves a little bit of body work self-care, but not many people make the time for it in their lives. 
A beautiful planner or journal: Mental wellbeing is as important as physical health! A planner or journal that contains prompts and actionable tasks is always a great gift idea. Bonus points if it's also nondated, so there’s no stress if they miss a day or two (or 30).
Locally made soaps or bath salts: Give your loved one's evening bath a soothing upgrade with locally-made bath salts, bath bombs, or soaps- and know that while you're giving your favorite person a bit of harsh-chemical-free-self-care, you're also supporting a local artisan!
A Healthy Cookbook: For the food-lover in your life, consider giving the gift of a new cookbook filled with new recipes that will nourish their body and feed their foodie soul.
A subscription to your local CSA: What could be better than a subscription for fresh, locally grown, often organic fruits and veggies year round?!  
A diffuser and bottle of essential oils: Essential oil diffusers are an easy way to kill bacteria in the air, improve the smell of a room, and unwund with some aromatherapy. Choose one or two of your favorite blends or single oils for your loved one to start diffusing immediately!
A healthy meal kit subscription: Even the busiest people on your list should have access to healthy, nourishing, and convenient meals. There are many options out there for meal kits, featuring fresh produce, organic proteins, and compostable packaging.
A live plant: Depending on who you ask, plants can make—or break—your wellness routine. For the beginner plant parent, gift them a plant that requires little maintenance, like a spider plant, pothos, or succulent.
A subscription to your local yoga studio: Yoga is a practice that combines physical activity with mindfulness and breathing, which makes it a fantastic practice for good health. Bonus: most yoga studios are also small, locally owned businesses.
A jar of local honey: Fresh, raw, locally-sourced honey is not only delicious, it also contains pollens from the plants in your area. Many people have found that regular ingestion of local honey reduces their seasonal allergies! What a sweet side effect! 
A Himalayan salt lamp: The warm, reddish-pink glow of a salt lamp has been used to boost mood, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep, among other benefits.
(BONUS idea #14) A meditation app subscription: Relaxation-inducing meditations are excellent for presleep rituals, plane rides, work stress, and pretty much anything else. A gift subscription gives your loved one access to a library of guided meditations, sleep sounds, focus music, and more.

We hope these inspire you to give the gift of wellness to those you love! 

If you're looking for some healthy stocking stuffers or healthy gifts for neighbors, teachers and coworkers, check out our blog for other great ideas!

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